Old varieties of cereals are our passion!

Royal Mills is an online store owned by DAMAZYNKA Agricultural Farm.
Our farm is a family farm passed down from generation to generation. The tradition of tillage goes back to before World War I. The 5th generation deals with the issue of agriculture.
In our farm, first of all, little known or forgotten species. In recent years, we have been interested in the growing      of old rye variety (Secale cereale multicaule). This species has been somewhat forgotten for various reasons.
Cooperate with non-governmental organizations to restore this kind of Polish village and provide our customers with the highest quality products.
Our way of cultivation is a constant search for the "golden mean", combining the latest achievements of agricultural sciences with elements of traditional agriculture.
Our products enjoy great recognition and interest not only in Poland, but also in Europe. Trying to match the expectations of our clients, we find primitive cereal species that were grown by our grandfathers and are rich in nutritional value which is very important for demanding customers.

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